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A leading producer of firefighting equipment based in Liangnong town, Yuyao city, China.

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We are offering high-quality fire fighting equipment and accessories which can stop spread of fire.

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We believe in punctually delivering efficient and exceptional firefighting equipment to all our clients.

Leading China Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer - Liangyi Fire

Yuyao Liangyi Fire-fighting Equipment Co. Ltd. is the leading wholesale China fire extinguisher manufacturer. We offer the most fantastic quality and fully compliant fire safety extinguishers China. Our fire safety extinguishers are thoroughly inspected at every production stage to ensure all the protocols are being followed correctly. We understand that clients trust us to deliver profitable products at affordable prices. The professionals working in our facilities are experienced and knowledgeable. Buying from us means you are entrusting human lives to a trustworthy wholesale fire extinguisher supplier because of the standard applications of our firefighting equipment. Our organization’s decision-makers wouldn’t risk a single life to make an earning, and you can count on us for protection. Liangyi Fire is a verified fire extinguisher exporter in the global market.

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We are the leading China fire extinguisher manufacturer who has gained popularity by working according to specific protocols. At Liangyi, all of our employees are equipped with in-depth knowledge of designing, developing, and producing commendable firefighting equipment. From a line worker to the department manager, everyone acknowledges the significance of their assigned tasks. The employees often work in teams that are highly dedicated and motivated to produce standardized fire safety extinguisher China. Every person complies with the quality controls imposed within the manufacturing facilities keeping in mind the cost of ignorance while working. The products are manufactured, tested, and certified to meet every client’s unique requirements that decide to buy from us.

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A Beginner's Guide to Fire Cabinets

The handling of flammable liquids is an incredible challenge as mishandling of these liquids can erupt massive fire disasters. The flammable liquids like thinner and petrol should be stored in such spaces where their contact with any kind of fire or an element that might erupt fire can be prevented. It's also noteworthy that the positioning of the flammable liquids is also important in determining what measures can be taken to prevent any kind of unfortunate incident. In case the flammable liquids are placed in an indoor setting, then the need for a fire cabinet is inevitable, and any such space should be equipped with an adequately sized fire cabinet so it can house all of the flammable liquids away from the reach of a potential fire.  If you are aiming to have a fire cabinet installed in a public space, then you can get in touch with a reputable fire cabinet manufacturer that can provide you with a fire cabinet that is designed to fulfill your needs. There are also options that include customizable sizing if you need to have a fire cabinet that is bigger than an average one. Here is a comprehensive guide that can aid you in understanding the use of fire cabinets. Location of the Cabinet It's a must for spaces like hospitals, chemical factories, pharmaceutical hubs, and office spaces to have a fire cabinet that can be used to store things like petrol, thinner, phenyl, or any other substances that might become the reason for a fire incident. When we talk about the storage location for the fire cabinet, then it should be away from any probable source from where there's a high chance of fire to erupt at any given point. It's better to install a fire cabinet above a fixed normal height so there couldn't be any contact of it with power outlets or any sort of light that comes out of a lighter or a stove. Comprehensive Signs It's a must to have relatable signs on a fire cabinet, so if a person comes in contact with it for any reason, they would know the guidelines of using it.  The signages might include the indication of a possible hazard or the guideline to handle a specific flammable liquid. It's also necessary to simplify the instructions printed on the label so it's easy for everyone to understand the message conveyed in that signage. One thing that should be done is that the signs should be bigger in size, so they are easily visible to the people who are handling the fire cabinets. Maximum Storage Capacity Every fire cabinet comes with a fixed capacity that it can handle with different flammable liquids. It's important that you don't overload the cabinet with an excessive amount of material as it can cause any kind of breakage or eruption of fire due to the mixing of more than one substance. When getting a fire cabinet, ensure that it fulfills your needs for liquid storage, and if it doesn't, then ask the fire cabinet provider to get you a bigger option that you can use to house the liquids that are needed to be stored in a specific fire cabinet. 

Most Important Fire Safety Essentials for Educational Institutes

Protection of educational institutes from any accident or incident is very critical because the aftermaths of it are the worst, especially it is a fire incident. Such events not only destroy the buildings or the entire property of the institutes but are also threatening for the people present in those premises. Henceforth, it is the duty of the management of such institutes to take all the precautions from the very beginning. It is vital that all educational institutes have installed different fire safety essentials at different corners for proper risk management. The following is described the list of some most important fire safety essentials that must be installed in educational institutes. Fire and Smoke Alarms Fire and smoke alarms are considered one of the most important fire safety essentials. These alarms alert everyone at the very initial stages of any fire incident as the sensors of these alarms sense the smoke. The four basic functions of these alarms are to detect, alert, monitor, and control. It alerts everyone present in the building with a continuous sound and vibration and provides everyone the opportunity to save their lives as soon as possible. It is important that these fire alarms are tested at least twice a year because any negligence means you are putting everyone’s life at risk.  Fire Extinguishers Fire extinguishers are another most crucial fire safety essential to be placed in educational institutes because it is better to eliminate the small fire on your own before it becomes unmanageable. One sensible person must not just wait for the fire brigades to arrive, but if the fire is manageable, he must try to reduce the fire, and that is only possible with these trolly fire extinguishers. These fire extinguishers supply gases and water with high pressure that helps in the eradication of the fire. These fire extinguishers have several properties, and it is imperative that everyone in any educational institute must be given full training on how to use these extinguishers or deal with such situations. Sprinklers The educational institutes that are already careful about such incidents take precautions in the very beginning and fit the sprinkler systems in their buildings. It is even suggested by the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and the National Education Union. These sprinkler systems are optimal to control fire in its early stages, which eventually limits damage and gives everyone the chance to escape from the building. These sprinklers are now becoming mandatory for all the public sectors because of their efficiency and effectiveness. Waste Management System Every educational institute contains a huge amount of waste like cards and papers, which is very dangerous to keep. Such waste is the combustible material, and if it is not treated on time, it could lead to life-threatening fire incidents. According to a survey, an average primary school student makes almost 45kg of waste per year. Therefore, it is important for all educational institutes to have a proper waste management system to control and get rid of all such wastes. This management is possible if the institutes have the right types of bins and a system for regular disposal collection. Also, only certain certified people should have access to such bins and collection boxes. Fire doors It must be made mandatory for all educational institutes to install several fire doors on their premises. These fire doors not only prevent the spread of fire but also prevents stampede incidents. These doors can also hold a fire in one chamber for 30 or 60 minutes, depending on your door type. The fire doors are also usually made fire-proof. What the educational institutes need to do is to keep a check on their routine maintenance.

Difference Between Portable and Wheeled Extinguishers: Which One To Choose?

Technically fire extinguishers are classified based on their application and the material that they carry. Many commercial spaces have different fire extinguishers installed to fight against any possible fire that might erupt at any given point. Domestically the handling of fire extinguishers is a little challenging as the house residents have to take the first step and take measures to constraints the fire from spreading in different areas of the house. The domestically used fire extinguishers can be classified into two types, namely trolley, and portable. The handling of both extinguishers is relatively different, and the application may vary depending on the area that has to be covered. Wheeled fire extinguishers ·         The trolley extinguishers are relatively heavy and big compared to the other kinds of fire extinguishers. ·         Multiple people might be required to handle these extinguishers as they have to be moved from one place to another. ·         An individual can’t do the handling of these fire extinguishers. ·         They are suitable for various commercial uses where there’s a greater area to be covered. ·         They are on the costly side of the price spectrum, and it might cost a fortune to purchase and maintain them. Portable Extinguishers ·         The portable extinguishers are compact and can be carried from one place to another with ease. ·         A single person would be required to carry and handle these extinguishers, making them a suitable choice for different households. ·         Many portable fire extinguishers in the market are available at different affordable price points. ·         Easy handling, portability, and convenience are the factors that make them a popular choice for domestic use. ·         Due to the compact size, the portable extinguishers are easy to maintain and can help handle fire in congested areas.

Why and How Fire Hose Can Be Very Important for Your Premises?

Do we all agree to the fact that the world is an unpredictable place where anything can happen at any time of the day? You can be exposed to different unpleasant situations without any prior warnings. Therefore, it is considered a wise decision to take precautions for increased safety and security of not just yourself but those around you as well. If a place catches fire, it can spread very quickly with the possibility of severe damages and loss of life. In such conditions, a fire hose reel proves increasingly valuable as it can provide a sufficient supply of water to help control the spread. It should be noted that a fire hose is a favorable option for class fires where materials like paper, wood, cloth, etc., are involved.  Take A Look At The Different Types Of Fire Hose The 21st century has unarguably proven that diversity always contributes to fruitful results. A total of two types of hose reels are available in the market, allowing you to choose the one that suits your requirements. Here's what you need to know; ·         The first one is called the swing arm reel, and it is mounted on a huge hinge attached to the wall. The entire system is separately installed within a cabinet. An impressive factor to note here is that this type of reel is quite easy to use. You can take it out and extend it as much as required without any difficulty.  ·         Another one is a fixed wall-mounted reel, and it is permanently attached to the wall. This is connected to the main pipelines of the area, giving an unlimited supply of water. It is advisable to keep the surroundings of the wall clear to move the reel in case of an emergency without any difficulty.  The availability makes the decision-making process effective, as you can select the one that fully meets your needs. Experts suggest that you should activate the fire alarm before utilizing the hose and alert everyone of the situation.  Follow These Guidelines To Make The Best Use Of A Fire Hose Reel There are a few helpful tips for efficiently using a fire hose reel and containing the fire successfully. Here's a list of instruction; ·         Keep enough distance between yourself and the fire to avoid getting hurt.  ·         Make sure that the exit is nearby and you have a clear path to it.  ·         After turning on the valve of the water, open the nozzle, and aim it toward the fire.  ·         Once the fire is extinguished, turn off the nozzle and retract the reel properly.  ·         Now, turn off the valve and put a cap on the nozzle while putting the hose back on the holder.  An important thing to note here is that you need to release the pressure of the hose before putting it back. It is vital to find a trustworthy China fire hose reel exporter to get high-quality products; otherwise, you might end up facing substantial irrecoverable losses. 

Which Chemicals Are Used in Fire-Extinguishers?

1.       It is found that a fire extinguisher contains different chemicals but works according to the application.

2.       Handheld extinguishers are commonly sold at hardware stores to be used in the kitchen and garage. They are pressurized with carbon dioxide and nitrogen to propel steam of fir-squelching agent to the fire.

3.       Many other extinguishers might contain a powder such as potassium bicarbonate, evaporating fluorocarbon, and other propelling agents.

4.       Extinguishers made with fluorocarbons use the chemical named bromochlorodifluoromethane (CF2ClBr).

5.       It is said, Bromotrifluoromethane (CF3Br or halon 1301) has a much lower boiling point and toxicity, which works best at a few of the applications where it’s infeasible to use water sprinkles.

6.       These days, Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) use is enhanced because they contain chlorine and bromine atoms.

7.       These days, Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) use is enhanced because they contain chlorine and bromine atoms.

Get Premium Fire Safety Extinguisher China At Wholesale Rates

We are the China fire extinguisher manufacturer that has always delivered on promises to avoid disappointing our respectable clients. The firefighting equipment you wish to purchase is readily available for delivery most of the time. We also provide customized items to customers according to their needs and requirements. Whatever you want to install in buildings or use in the fire brigade will be delivered at your desired location in a short time once the order is finalized. We always ensure that our products are available at the most reasonable prices. Here’s why our fire safety extinguisher China is topping the charts across the world;

·         The equipment is relatively easier to use without incurring any issues.

·         The material we use to manufacture firefighting items is quite durable and offer increased flexibility.

·         Our products don’t malfunction while being used in dangerous situations.

·         From the fire extinguishers opener to the hose reel, all of our firefighting equipment works correctly and requires little maintenance.

·         We provide valuable products to our clients to satisfy them and offer them acceptable returns on investment.