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Fire Fitting

Shop Fire Fighting Fittings at Wholesale Rates

Firefighting pipe fittings are used for connecting pipes of different dimensions and sizes. These fittings are made of carbon steel or iron used for carrying water or other liquids to connect the firefighting equipment. The quality and standards have to be met in the production of these fittings. This is the utmost priority in Yuyao Liangyi Fire-fighting Equipment Co. Ltd because we, the leading manufacturer, want to rationalize your purchasing provide you with the best firefighting fittings.

Why Makes Us Different?

The fire safety cabinets and fittings have to be painted in red to make it look different from the other fittings of the building. As these fittings are placed in a static position, our company always makes sure that it has a high-level quality control system during production. Fittings at Yuyao Liangyi possess good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, and high-temperature resistance, making it the best product according to your needs and giving you a peaceful sleep. Fire safety fittings of our company have EP technology which gives it a longer life cycle. It comes with inner and outer galvanized layers and graphene internal coating with carbon steel base tube.

Various Types Of Fittings At Your Provision!

We provide fire sprinkler fittings that include tee, elbow, reducing tee, clamp, and many others made of different materials such as alloy, carbon, and stainless. Other than this, grooved fittings are also produced at our company. Many constructors are using groove fittings as it has hassle-free installation and a meager maintenance cost. The one-time installation does not demand any certified technician or the need for any special tools. We not only provide quality fittings but also focus on the need of our customers. We are highly committed to provide innovative fire fittings enhancing the efficiency of your fire pipes. We strive to improve more and get good customer feedback by following the process of managing the whole lifecycle project and helping our customers to succeed.