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En Standard Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Shop Directly From Co2 Fire Extinguisher Supplier of China

Yuyao Liangyi Fire-fighting Equipment Co. Ltd is a top CO2 fire extinguisher supplier of China as we have the best portal fire extinguishers variety and solutions to offer. We are internationally certified and have a huge demand globally for our high-tech carbon dioxide fire extinguishers. The CO2 fire extinguishers we manufacture are highly suitable for Class E fires involving electrical equipment. Even these CO2 fire extinguishers for some class B fires involving flammable liquids, like petrol and paint. We, as the professional CO2 fire extinguisher wholesaler, also have the best prices and best services to offer you so that we can satiate our clients by all means. Moreover, we also never disappoint our clients and render them on-time delivery and the best customer care services.

Where Can You Use Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers?

The best part of the China Carbon dioxide fire extinguishers is that it does not cause any damage to the electrical equipment. This is why the CO2 fire suppression manufacturer provides it for areas like the following:

·         Electrical Switch rooms

·         Server Rooms

·         Electrical Appliance Showrooms

·         Offices

How to Use CO2 Extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide extinguishers should be avoided in close and compact spaces places where fumes inhalation can happen. It is good to leave the place where you will use the CO2 extinguisher to avoid asphyxiation.

·         In case of liquid spilled containers fires, always try to turn the nozzles towards the edge of the fire. And with wide sweeping movement, spray the extinguisher more on high sides and less on the low side.

·         In case of fire involving B liquids, turn the nozzle downwards toward the flames and evenly sweep in upwards and side by side movement.

·         Electrical equipment base fire needs you to switch off the power if possible, otherwise, just turn the nozzle straight to fire.

·         In a narrow and enclosed place, direct the nozzle into any opening with the intent to cool the fire in the interior.

Get the Fire Extinguisher at Cheaper Rates from Top CO2 Fire Extinguisher Wholesaler

We are the superior CO2 fire extinguisher supplier that offers you top-quality and highly effective fire extinguishers at wholesale rates. This is how you can benefit the most from us and prosper your businesses. The high-tech carbon dioxide fire extinguisher China provide is hard to find anywhere else. Moreover, we give our clients all reasons to shop from us, especially our extraordinary services. We satiate our customers with on-time delivery and brilliant after-sales services. Also, the top-notch CO2 fire extinguisher manufacturer takes care of the quality check in the quality-control room so that we can provide you with the faultless and the most durable piece of equipment.

Benefits of the CO2 Fire Extinguishers

There are many benefits of the CO2 fire extinguisher provided by the expert team of CO2 fire extinguisher supplier.

·         This highly efficient CO2 extinguisher will never harm the food, machines, fabric, and electric equipment as the CO2 is non-toxic and leaves no residue.

·         It is fairly cheap to get recharged.

·         CO2 is a non-conducting agent, so it can be employed on live electrical equipment.

·         These extinguishers also have a cooling effect means they remove some of the heat as well.