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About US

Liangyi Fire

Yuyao Liangyi Fire-fighting Equipment Co. Ltd is one of the leading fire-fighting products manufactured in China. We have been serving the fire-fighting industry since 2008, which gives us the expertise to produce high-quality products that are responsible for safeguarding many lives. We are the fastest-growing producers in the entire sphere and account for generating millions of revenue year after year. All our products are processed through state-of-the-art manufacturing and quality assurance procedures, leading to high demand among all users. We produce precision quality extinguishers, fire cabinets, hose reels, water systems, fitting, portable extinguishers, trolley extinguishers, fire pumps for all types of commercial, industrial, and residential premises installation. We have special CO2 extinguishers which are selling at wholesale rates.

We have contracts with middlemen and shipping agencies which aids us in delivering the consignments on time and with all the promised details.