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  • PAF-3D

PAF-3D Nitrogen Gas Foam Fire Extinguisher

Foam Fire Extinguisher

1) Manufactured by Yuyao Liangyi Fire-fighting Equipment Co. Ltd

2) For use on Class A (ordinary combustibles), Class B (Flammable liquid) spills or Fires involving live electrical equipment (Class C)

3) Yuyao fire extinguisher is durably made from a metal construction with a commercial-grade metal valve and trigger to meet demanding needs


Model PAF-3D
Agent Premix-3%AFFF
Propellant Nitrogen gas
Charged weight 3L
Volume 4.6L
Material ST12
Valve M30×1.5
Working pressure 12Bar at 20
Test pressure 30Bar
Fire rating 13A 70B
Discharge time >14'S
Range 5~7m
Operating  -20~60
Extinguisher weight 5.8kg
Cylinder size ø130mm x320mm
Packing size 145 x145 x425mm

Product Characteristics:

1) These extinguishers are suitable to fight burning solids such as wood as well as liquid fires such as burning petrol. The foam has the ability to creep over the burning liquid or to soak into burning materials such as settees.

2) Foam is made up of three ingredients - water, foam concentrate, and air. They are mixed in correct proportions making a homogeneous foam blanket.

3) Easy to read the gauge tells you when the fire extinguisher is ready for use and when not in use, this can be kept easily in the Fire Safety Cabinet due to its lightweight.

4) Lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum cylinder

5) Clear instruction label shows the steps required to operate the extinguisher

6) Quick and powerful discharge time of 13 to 15 seconds, a discharge range of 10 to 15 feet, and operating pressure of 100 PSI